Project Management

Project Management

The success of every project depends on managing time, controlling costs, and giving proper attention to detail. To achieve your goals quickly and efficiently, Greenwise will assign a professional team member to your project to manage all or part of your organization’™s building development process.

Our experts are well-versed in managing new developments and construction projects, including residential, commercial, office, retail, churches, industrial, schools, and healthcare. We provide the following services to guide your project from initial permitting and entitlement through post-design and construction:

  • Full-service Project Development:
  • Owner Representation
  • Permit facilitation
  • Entitlements
  • Design and engineering coordination
  • Utility coordination
  • Construction management
  • Tenant Improvement & Coordination


  • General Contacting Commissioning/Retrocommissioning:
  • New construction projects
  • Existing building renovation and tenant improvement projects
  • Retrofit Installations: Lighting, Renewable Energy, Mechanical Systems, Building Envelope
  • Project auditing
  • Contract oversight


  • Incentive Management: Utility, State, Federal:
  • Identify potential incentives
  • Manage application process


Feasibility Studies Project Feasibility Studies: We leverage our experience and knowledge of various types of development projects to assist clients to determine the feasibility of pursuing proposed new development or expansion projects. Our experience include: commercial, retail, industrial/manufacturing, residential, master planned communities and recreation facilities


The studies typically include:

  1. Market analysis of trends, competition & forecasted demand.
  2. Analysis & implementation strategy to optimize the benefit of the proposed development.
  3. Review current facility operations (provide baseline) & project financial impact of proposed improvements.
  4. Analyze the potential economic impact to other enterprises or business units from the proposed project.
  5. Provide an economic analysis of potential renewable energy strategies (solar, wind, solar hot water) to be considered for the project.
  6. Financial analysis and budgeting
    • Pro Forma analysis of proposed improvements: estimate costs, projected revenue,Internal Rate of Return and Return on Investment.
    • Develop a detailed cost estimate & timeline for implementing the proposed improvements.